Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of seating models suitable for any type of office setting. Select from our options that fit seamlessly into your desk, conference rooms or guest areas; or choose a model that is suitable for the day to day work that your office carries out. Each chair is comfortable and supportive while upholding sophistication and class.
Office chairs should be selected to provide the most comfortable seating in your office. Without the right chair, you do not receive an ergonomic benefit. The office chair is designed to provide support in the lumbar region of the spine while keeping you upright and correctly positioned using a computer. Office chairs typically have casters that allow you to move while you work.
Our furniture features new and used options of the highest quality possible. We use only the strongest woods, fabrics, and metals in order to construct pieces that will not only look great, but will stand the test of time. Your comfort is our highest priority so by choosing Jeff Lauder Cubes, you are making the smartest decision for your employees.
Our furniture is designed to last. We use a unique 3D design process that allows us to completely meet your specifications to the highest detail. Given our commitment to using the highest quality materials and construction, the durability of our pieces is unrivalled.