My-Hite desk
Stand up desk
sit or stand desk
adjustable height desk

Avenue Consultants, A group of Men and Women of the new Millennial.  We were referred to this company as they were planning on moving across their parking lot to a new space.  We met with Keith Steurer and started the design and layout for a 25,000 square foot space in West Valley.  They had previously started purchasing sit/stand desks for their offices and wanted to finish all the offices and cubes with electric desks.
The design was simple and functional. The cubicles were “L” shaped with the extended corners attached to My-Hite bases (sit/stand desks,) and the wings were the stationary surfaces with marker boards above and storage below. The offices were the same setup without panels.
After several weeks of construction delays, we were finally able to start the installation.  The installation went smoothly and quickly.  Our awesome installers Ivan and Edgar had everything delivered and built within three days after construction of the Offices was completed. That was 36 cubicles and 19 offices all with My-Hite desks. The installers left easy to follow instructions for the employees and they were able to program their stations to three memorized heights and are loving the new office.
Every employee can have their desks at Their-Hite.