Recently, we had the pleasure of working with our amazing new friends at Safe Streets in Rexburg, Idaho. Working with them reminded us why we love what we do! 

Safe Streets has a lot of employees to take care of! They were looking to create an office space that their employees would be motivated to work at. This is so important because the success of a company depends so much on the productivity of each employee. Safe Streets wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable at work, and that the office had a modern feel to it. Creating a beautiful office is such a great way to thank your employees for a job well done! 

After doing some research, Safe Streets got a bid for the furniture that they wanted. They needed (56) telemarketing cubicles. After seeing the estimate, they were taken back by the dollar amount. They knew that their office furniture was an important investment for their business, but wanted to make sure that they were getting a fair bid.

So, they called Jeff Lauder Cubes for a second quote and are so glad they did.

We were able to give them a bid for the exact same furniture, but for  $10,000 less! 

That was a fun conversation.

After receiving a signed estimate, we quickly ordered and installed all (56) cubicles so their office could be up and running. The process took approximately one month! 

This project reminded us why we are so happy to be in the office furniture industry. We believe that every office should look and feel great, but that it can come at a reasonable price! When you don’t have to be worried about an outdated office, worn-out chairs, and uncomfortable employees, you can get back to what you really love – running your business! 

If you need new office furniture in Salt Lake City (or anywhere near!), make sure to give Jeff Lauder Cubes a call. You never know… that one phone call could save you over 25% on your office furniture like it did for Safe Streets! Click here to contact us today. 

And, don’t forget to head over to our website! You can look at our selection of office furniture, see some of our finished work, and learn more about what we do.


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