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Are your cubicles in need of replacing? Outfitting a brand new office? Good news—the “cubicle farm” days are over thanks to gorgeous, updated Office Furniture. Everyone deserves a little peace, quiet and their own slice of “mine” at the office, which is exactly what cubicles provide. You’ve probably heard all the kerfuffle about open work spaces, and while that concept certainly may work for the most extroverted of your employees, it doesn’t work for everyone. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it is a good piece of advice to take.

Cubicles offer the best of both worlds, carving out a niche of personal space for your workers while still providing the bustle of an open floor plan with those “open ceilings.” As some companies are testing out open spaces by providing workers with nothing but Desks, high traffic areas and brainstorming pods with couches and work desks, it’s important to remember that many businesses are filled with social butterflies who need to talk everything out. Engineers, call center workers, accountants, graphic designers and a slew of other professionals often need their own space to be the most productive.

A Case for Cubicles

As 100 percent open floor spaces start to crumble, studies are showing that the best office approach is actually part private and part open. Giving everyone their own office (even if that were possible) doesn’t breed a team environment, but neither does leaving everything out in the open. Cubicles are built to last and provide your workers with the ultimate office environment. The ability to personalize their space, such as pinning up photos of friends and families on their own wall, while being able to tuck into a project that requires keen concentration makes them feel at ease.

Happy employees are productive employees—but providing everyone with a cubicle or replacing those outdated ones comes at a cost. Don’t let the trend of an open work space serve as an excuse for withholding cubicles. Murray is a hub of small business ventures and also home to bigger corporations, so you need to stay ahead of the curve. The top employees aren’t just looking for a great job, but a place where they can feel comfortable at work. You’re completely in charge of that environment.

Cubes for All

The days are long gone when cubicles fit together like monotonous LEGO pieces. They’re grown up and diversified. There’s truly a design for all needs, from spacious with low walls that allow for more walk-by communication to full fledged “corner offices” complete with windows and even doors. Of course, you also have your classic cube (with a twist). Updates, a focus on design and great impressions are the foundation of today’s cubicle.

How can you provide the best for your employees while sticking to the bottom line? Going used is an eco-friendly approach that can save up to 75 percent on gently used cubicles. Unlike other office furniture, “used” cubicles are rarely used at all. How much wear and tear do office walls really get? Used cubicles offer thousands of dollars in savings and let you upgrade without breaking the bank.

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