Office Furniture

Reception desk, filing cabinets, conference Tables and Cubicles—the amount of furniture necessary to kit out even the smallest office can be astounding. Cost alone is a driving factor for down sizing and shrinking overhead. Not only is office furniture a necessity, it’s also a specialty (which is why it can cost so much). Herman Miller, renowned for making the best office Chairs due to stellar ergonomics, produces beautiful pieces that cost around $1,000 each for the most popular models. If you have 15 employees, that’s $15,000 in chairs alone.

You don’t want to be cheap, but you can’t bankrupt a company just to provide everyone with a place to sit. Going with cheap furniture shows your employees and customers that you don’t care. Worse, it stands a higher chance of wearing out and requiring quicker replacement. The average employee misses between three and eight work days each year according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), but those numbers can be greatly reduced by having a comfortable environment.

Furniture and Your Business

Study after study has revealed that comfortable and happy employees are productive employees. The beauty of your office and comfort of each employees’ surroundings is directly impacting your bottom line. Whether you’re facing an empty, new office space or it’s time for an upgrade, know it’s possible to save big money on all your office furniture. You just need to go used, and you need a great furniture broker on your side.

With used office furniture, much of it has barely been used at all—like those gorgeous conference tables. Other pieces, such as chairs and cubicles, may show very minimal signs of wear. In fact, they may have been used less than the floor model you thought you were picking up for a steal. You can usually save anywhere from 50 to 75 percent on great pieces that fit your style, budget and are very economical.

Owning Your Office Space

In Murray, business is thriving, so make sure it stays that way. Office furniture is your company’s first impression for anyone who come through the doors, employees and customers alike. You deserve to be in control of that impression, but that’s a challenge when you’re depending on mis-matched chairs, a tired reception area and furniture that’s simply out of date. It tells people that you’re on a shoestring budget, don’t care about what they think or that nobody in charge has any sense of style or company pride. None of these options bode well for business.

Prioritizing the health of your employees and nailing a great impression are building blocks to a successful business. The next time you try to hide the stain on the reception couch or bring in yet another lumbar support pillow to try to make the best of that overworked chair, remember that office life doesn’t have to be this way. Rejuvenate with New Furniture and your employees, customers and bottom line will thrive.