Pre Owned

Would you buy a used bed? Used workout clothes? Used stuffed animals for your five-year-old? Probably not—but that’s a world apart from used furniture. There are endless benefits to going used when furnishing or updating your office. Unlike creaky beds and “well loved” gym clothes, Office Furniture has often rarely been touched. Think of those mahogany conference tables, lavish reception Desks and Cubicles that have barely been used. A lot of “used furniture” is actually in better shape than floor models. Why wouldn’t you save money and embrace the green movement at the same time?

When it comes to cost savings, you can score up to 75 percent off with used office furniture that looks brand new. Even better, you’re not paying a premium for the “latest models,” but often enjoy a much wider selection. There’s a style for every single business in Murray, without needing to pay top dollar. Would you rather spend $50,000 for a brand new car with zero miles, or $40,000 for the exact same car that has 300 miles? Assuming there was no major accident or substantial dings, any savvy shopper would choose the latter.

The Green Initiative

Shopping used doesn’t just save you money, but also helps the environment. It’s incredibly taxing on Mother Nature and expensive overall to manufacture new office furniture—which is a shame considering how much used furniture is waiting to be grabbed at a steal. Office furniture is usually heavy and includes many plastic parts (like those ergonomic Chairs you’ve been eyeing). Simultaneously, used furniture is sitting in warehouses and even taking up massive space in landfills. Going used is going green, and that leads to some great PR.

More and more, job seekers and customers alike aren’t just looking for a great business. They want to join forces with a Murray company that cares about the environment. You can use this green approach as a way to showcase your commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling. It might lure in the best candidate for that vacancy or bring in more clients, customers and cash flow. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and you get karma points for doing your part to lighten your office’s carbon footprint.

More Selection & Savings

When you work with a skilled furniture broker, you instantly gain access to the biggest inventory around. You’ll have choices galore, and we can help you pinpoint the right style in the right price range. Showing up at a furniture store with no guidance can be overwhelming. There are high pressure sales tactics, sticker shock and a lack of choices (although there is always next season). It’s your company’s hard earned revenue, so shouldn’t you get exactly what you want?

Used furniture offers the quality you want at a very affordable price. Plus, a broker ensures there’s zero pressure and is committed to getting you and your business looking good and comfortable at work. 

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