Office Furniture Rentals


When looking to furnish your office, why buy when you can rent? Jeff Lauder Cubes is the best place for your office furniture rentals. We’re easy to work with, we care about your price range, and we want what’s best for your employees. Renting furniture is much more cost effective, and you don’t have to be stuck with the same office furniture forever! Our rental furniture comes in a wide range of styles, choices, and prices. You’ll be sure to walk away with exactly what you want. With each of our clients, we set up a time to meet about your workstation needs. We’ll talk about your desired look, purpose for the furniture, and any other questions or concerns you may have. Using this information, we will create several options for you to choose from. Once this has been decided, you will be present with a 3-Dimensional rendering that will allow you to see your finished office! 

Be Heard:

We will work closely with you to understand your needs, floorplan, and special circumstances. Finding the right furniture, styles, and price for you is our #1 priority. We’ll be there for timely installation, and to ensure that everything will be placed correctly the first time. We’re also prepared to work with your needs as they change. Hiring more employees? No problem. Changing the floorplan? Sounds great! Want to update the look of your office? We can do that. 

Peace of Mind: 

Renting your office furniture will provide you with the ability to focus on your business – not your furniture. When you buy your own furniture, its fairly permanent. You’re in charge of maintenance, upgrades, style changes, and installation. This means you’ll be spending much more time concerned about chairs & desks than thinking about clients & employees. With our office furniture rentals, we take that burden off your shoulders.