Refurbished Furniture

Anyone who’s seen a muscle car brought back to life knows the power of refurbishment. The same is true of furniture—they just don’t make them like they used to. Gone are the days of rich mahogany executive Desks, being replaced by faux wood and plastic contraptions. You might still be able to find high quality designer furniture at a luxury price, but your Murray business’ bottom line isn’t made for such a massive and unnecessary indulgence. How can you get those top of the line office furnishings at a bargain price? Take a tip from restoration experts and go with refurbished furniture.

Whether it’s a collection of vintage solid wood bookcases or a slew of IKEA tables you’ve been eyeing for months, refurbishing restores furniture to like new status while leaving you to pay a fraction of the price. Why pay top dollar to outfit your office when you can get the exact same thing for half off (or even less)? Refurbishing experts are skilled, knowledgeable and understand exactly how to bring a piece back to life. The same quality and craftsmanship is attained, but you’re not the one footing the bill for the initial manufacturing and shipping.

A Second Chance

Everyone deserves a second chance—and that includes your Office Furniture. Unlike electronics, which can be troublesome when refurbished, there aren’t any pitfalls with furniture. Maybe all it takes to restore that conference table to its glory days are a simple sanding and staining. Perhaps those Chairs just need a little TLC to whip them back into shape. From Cubicles to filing cabinets, the right touch can make a world of difference. Your Murray business will save thousands, and you’ll look good doing it.

Don’t overlook the appeal of a green movement when choosing refurbished. It costs money and the environment suffers when new furniture is manufactured and shipped around the country. However, refurbished equipment cuts down on the environmental impact. What other approach lets you save money and go green at the same time? There’s no reason why a great green PR campaign can’t include a healthy bottom line.

Leave it to the Pros

Think anyone can refurbish furniture—like Troy the new intern who took a couple of shop classes? Think again. Refurbishment is equal parts skill and art, plus your employees’ and customers’ safety is at stake. It’s not easy to refurbish furniture, and it will always take much more time than you imagine. Prowling garage sales for treasures is a great personal hobby, but if you start dressing up your office with DIY refurbishment projects, you might be signing up for unhappy workers and maybe even a workers’ compensation claim.

Instead, let the refurbishment pros do what they do best while you just sit back (maybe in that newly refurbished executive chair) and watch the savings add up. You get the added bonus of knowing you’ve lightened the company’s carbon footprint, and can rest easy when you look around at the gorgeous new office.